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I've taught, trained and coached adults for over twenty-five years but in 2006 I decided I wanted to teach something different.  Something I didn't think was being taught well and something I had been curious enough to explore for a number of years before getting to the point where teaching what I'd discovered became inevitable. 


At the heart of what I discovered lay something profoundly life affirming and potentially life changing.  I knew that the skills I'd gained as a result of what I'd discovered had changed my life forever so I really wanted others to have a similar experience.  

How I came to these discoveries was by closely studying the behaviour of psychics and intuitives to find out how they did what they did.  I'd had my own experiences but didn't really understand what was happening or how to make it happen.  Also I felt that what I was being told about psychic and intuitive abilities was mostly nonsense and yet I was still curious. Quite often the insights I was able to give others was astonishingly accurate so I knew there was something going on even if it wasn't what I was being told.

in 1997 I studied NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy and Mind-Body Healing through Hypnosis.  I carried on studying and practicing for five years then started working full time as a therapist and coach.  But way back in 1997 I wondered if I could use my NLP training to create a behavioural 'model' of how psychic skills worked so I sat down with a colleague who was also curious, and put together a plan.  We did it just for fun and had no idea whether it was possible.

He asked me lots of questions and paid attention to what I did while I demonstrated my ability and I coached him in what I felt he needed to do.  After about 45 minutes we felt we had pieced together the basics and so I walked him through the process to see if he could get similar results to me.  Within 15 minutes he could reproduce my abilities easily so we felt we could be on to something.

A Simple Model

The simplicity of the model was what surprised me so after leaving it alone for a few years I was eventually challenged by a colleague in 2002 to do more extensive research and fill out the details if I really believed that my model worked.  I spent the next four years researching, reading, studying and observing dozens of psychics, mediums and intuitives in many different contexts.  

What I found without exception was that they were all doing exactly the same as I was but all had a different story they told about what they thought they did.  Their behaviour and mine were exactly the same.  That's when I knew it was time to teach what I did to find out how quickly others could learn the skills.  I taught a half day course in Marlborough, Wiltshire to eight participants and they all got good, repeatable results.  That's when I started to design other courses and workshops and have continued to do so to this day.

I've developed the model for many different applications and have written a book called 'The Practical Mystic - A Guide to Psychic and Intuitive Skills' in honour of the original model I put together.  I'm selling this as a digital audio download and on two CDs in the Shop on this site. It's two hours long but sets you exercises and things to practice that will keep you busy for hours.  I'm also working on a new book and courses that move this work on to more serious applications that can be used in business and professional contexts.  My new work focusses on self-awareness and self-development using my model as a starting point and helping you to realise the potential of what I call the 'Innermind'.


So come on a journey of discovery and find out what my courses and workshops or even one-to-one coaching can do for you.  You can read testimonials from my students on this site if you want the opinion of others about what I do and what they've learned.

  • NLP Master Practitioner (ANLP & SNLP Certified)

  • Thought Pattern Management Practitioner

  • ILM Certified Coach - (Personal & Business)

  • Symbolic Modelling Practitioner

  • Lecturer with 25 years experience teaching adults.

  • Therapist & Coach for 20 years

  • Writer and Author 

  • Artist, Illustrator and Goldsmith

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