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The Practical Mystic

Step onto the path to explore your innate, intuitive and subtle abilities and start the journey of a lifetime.

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Who am I?

I'm Colin Clark and I teach, train and write about the astonishing yet subtle capabilities that we all have hidden away inside our minds.  Some call these abilities 'psychic' others 'intuitive' I prefer to call this using the full extent of our 'Innermind'. 

Having worked as a therapist and coach for a number of years alongside being an artist, goldsmith and Illustrator, I chose to explore and develop the amazing gifts we have available to us using the extraordinary yet hidden abilities of the mind.   I've taught many different types of courses and workshops to individuals and groups since 2006.

Book cover design for The Practical Mystic Audio Book


The Practical Mystic

A Guide To
Psychic & Intuitive Skills


on Double CD and MP3 download

It's full of guidance and exercises to give you a really good grounding and help you develop your 'innermind' skills.  It's designed with complete beginners in mind but can be used by everyone. The book is also available on Amazon (UK), & Amazon (US) and Audible (UK)

& Audible (US)  If you want to listen to a quick 5 minute sample then go here: SoundCloud

Please Note:  The Shop has links to Amazon and Audible but also has some free samples you can listen to or download

Courses, Workshops & Coaching


I run whole day workshops, usually on a weekend.  This gives participants the

chance to spend the day learning in a more intensive way.

One day workshops provide valuable experience of using the subtle mind and how to quickly learn the basics of 'innermind' work to gather insight and information to help others.

I design workshops at all levels to suit complete beginners as well as with some experience.  I also teach more advanced work if you who want to take things further and find out how far you can develop your abilities.  


I run coaching sessions on a one to one or group basis in order to cover topics and exercises that are designed to meet the specific needs of the individuals in the session.

Working this way gives you a more 'tailored' session and one that is good for ensuring a 'life fit' or even 'work fit' for intuitive 'innermind' work.  

There are many applications for this work and where you have particular requirements I can often facilitate this in a more meaningful way in a coaching session.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to train your psychic and intuitive faculties? Many people like the idea of developing 'psychic' skills but tend to think that it's something that only a few 'special' people can do.

My research and training taught me to look deeper into human behaviour to find out what these 'special' people did that got them unusual results.  What I found will astonish you with it's simplicity.

I found that you can learn to use this more subtle part of your mind quickly, easily and in a way that will can fit into your day to day life.

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