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Nature all around us

March of the Daisies

The natural world around us is increasingly being eroded to the detriment of the wild creatures that need it to live in it.  We forget that this natural world is as good for us both mentally and physically as it is for them.  Much of my work is to bring our love of the natural world back to our attention so we don't lose it forever.


Vitruvian green-Man

I always loved Leonardo's Vitruvian Man drawing and wanted to have some fun by using my friendly Greemman cartoon character that has a double message within his makeup.  He's as much about the importance of protecting and conserving our natural surroundings as he is about re-exploring our inner nature.

The Birds Say...

I'm Hungry!

Garden birds are a joy to watch when we feed them and they feed their young right in front of us.  They're so delicate and dependent on us now as their habitats are disappearing bit by bit.  But we enjoy their habits so much that I love drawing their characters and often wonder what they might think of us if I could give them a voice.  The Birds Say... is a series of drawings and paintings giving the stage to the birds.


About me and my work

Professional Illustration

My childhood dream was to become a professional Illustrator and I spend many hours copying cartoons from my boyhood comics and illustrated books. But after school I went to art college to learn silversmithing and jewellery making which seemed like a noble 'trade'. After college I worked as a goldsmith for 20 years and taught jewellery making for 15 years.  During this time I undertook several illustration projects because I loved drawing.  I also studied NLP and Hypnosis and learned psychic and mediumship skills (because I'm incurably curious!).


By 2005 I had stopped making jewellery and set up an art studio to move over to selling drawings and paintings but it took until 2018 for me to be courageous enough to begin an MA in Illustration and let my career take shape through illustration work.  I've written a book that I will be illustrating shortly (see my other website The Practical Mystic) and I'm working on a range of other independently published and illustrated work for sale.

Some of my work is available as prints and I'll shortly link the artwork to where you can buy images - mounted and framed - if you like what I do.  Please contact me below if you have any queries or comments.  I'd love to hear from you.



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